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Frequently Asked Questions

You Ask. We Answer.

  1. What service does JAL provide?
    JAL​​ provides necessary care and shelter to children diagnosed with cancer, and destitute senior citizens.

  2. How do I donate to show my support?
    Donations to JAL can be made through the details available in our official website after filling out the donor form. Click here to view our donations page.

  3. Does JAL collaborate with hospitals/ other organizations?
    JAL in collaboration with JIPMER RCC for the SHINE Project.

  4. How can I volunteer/intern with JAL ?
    JAL welcomes volunteers for various roles such as organizing fundraising events, providing administrative support, and offering direct assistance to children and families. Interested individuals can apply through the Volunteer Section on our website.

  5. Can I meet or interact with the children/seniors?
    Yes. You are welcome to visit our homes and interact with our beneficiaries. You can contact us through phone or email to book a visit.

  6. Do I get tax benefits on donations made to the organization?
    If you are an Indian donor, you will be able to get tax benefits according to 80g after receiving the receipt from us.

  7. Do you share the donor's information with other organizations?
    The personal information we receive from the donors is completely confidential and used for administrative purposes only.

  8. Do you accept donations in the form of books/gadgets/furniture?
    Yes. We accept donations in the form of books, toys, clothes, gadgets, furniture etc. If you wish to make a non-monetary donation, please reach out to us through phone or email to coordinate.

  9. How soon will we receive the tax receipt?
    Once the transaction is completed, you will receive the receipt within 24 hours.


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